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The big story coming out of week six is something which makes me want to throw up.  Suspensions for hitting too hard?!?!?!  As my man James Harrison said; this is a travesty.  I have a better idea for Roger Goddell…  how about you get your balls out of your wife’s purse and start acting like a grown ass man?

Seahawks – The first place Seahawks?  Wow, that division sucks.  Your defense played well because the Bears O-Line is on skates every game wearing little ballerina leggins.

Da Bears – You broke my heart this weekend.    Jay Cutler, move around OUTSIDE of the pocket every now and then.  O-Line, I hate each of you.  Cutler again, 17 for 39?!?!?!?  Mike Martz, 0 for 12 on 3rd downs?  Please tell me I read that one wrong.  Lovie Smith, step up or step out.  Be a grown ass man.

Miami – Wooohoooo.  It is a great thing when your only WR does not get covered by the best athlete on the field.   The dolphins dominated this game, score was closer than it should have been.

Packers – Injury riddled season is what has caused this massive underperformance.   Without Ryan Grant the Pack managed 76 yards total rushing.

Chargers – Once the NFL goes back to a scoring system based on most yards we can finally see the Chargers in the Super Bowl!!!   Looking forward to that day.   As of now, I’m just happy someone lost to the Lions and Rams in consecutive weeks.   If Gates is out for an extended period of time, their season is done.

Rams – Defense stepped up with 7 sacks and offense had a solid mix of pass and run yards.  Most important was zero turnovers.  Solid performance.

Ravens – Defense will get you so far, just not far enough here.  To give credit where it is due, Flacco had a very solid game w/ a passer rating of just under 120.  Unfortunately Ray Rice couldn’t get it going this week.

Patriots – VERY big victory for the Pats.  The Patriots have now won four straight home overtime games dating back to 2001.  Tom Brady has won 23 straight home starts, two shy of Brett Favre’s NFL-merger record of 25 in a row from 1995-98.  Oh yeah, and Branch grabbed a TD pass.

Lions – Back to wanting to give each of the Lions a hug.  The Lions lost their 24th consecutive road game, tying the NFL record they set from 2001-03… congrats?!?!

Giants – Not an impressive blowout but they definitely got the job done this week as well.  Running game finally showed up. Brandon Jacobs ran for two touchdowns. It’s the third straight week Jacobs has scored and the 10th time he’s had at least two rushing TDs.

Falcons – Duanta Robinson is a grown ass man.  Enough said.

Eagles – Wow.  Very impressed by Kolb with a 133.6 passer rating and 326 yards through the air.  There aren’t too many teams in the NFL with more fun WR’s to watch than Maclin and Jackson.  474 yards of total offense.

Browns – Colt did not do as poorly as I thought.  3 turnovers won’t beat the best team in the NFL.

Steelers – James Harrison is a grown ass man.  Enough said.

Saints – Good to see Brees back on track and more importantly someone stepping  up for Pierre Thomas and Reggie.  Chris Ivory rushed for 158 yards, the most by a Saints player since Deuce McAllister ran for 165 in Week 13 of the 2003 season.

Buccaneers – Just aren’t that good.

Chiefs – I was still impressed by the Chiefs with this loss.  Losing to Indy last week, the team doesn’t look as horrible as I figured they would be.  Cassell threw 3 TD’s  and they ran wild for 228 yards.

Texans – Andre 3000 caught a TD pass with 28 seconds left in the game for the “W.”  This team has all the weapons on offense and the defense looks in shambles.  To make it worse All-Pro linebacker Demeco Ryans is now out for the season with an Achilles BOOM.

Jets – They keep winning and I want to keep kicking the Sanchize repeatedly in the groin.  L.T. runs for 2 TD’s.  The Jets head into a bye week feeling great at 5-1.  Rex Ryan dominates a box of ding dong’s at the half.

Broncos – Feeling a bit sorry for the Orange and Blue this week.  A very debatable P.I. call on 4th and 6 on the last drive of the game was a heartbreaker.

Raiders – Jason Campbell had the second-worst passer rating performance by a Raiders quarterback since the 1970 NFL merge on Sunday. And the name JaMarcus Russell doesn’t even appear on the list.  Enough Said!

49ers – Ugly game, but Alex Smith found the on and off again Michael Crabtree for the game winner.   Alex also committed no turnovers, that is about enough to beat the Raiders any day of the week.

Cowboys – The Cowboys are the most overrated team in the NFL, and can kiss the playoffs goodbye.  Oh yeah, Wade Phillips should start looking for a new job.  Jason Garrett can join him…  I have never been sold on Romo, and I never will.  It was very sweet of him to gift wrap the final interception for the Vikings. The Cowboys continues to statistically dominate opponents, but penalties and turnovers have doomed them to a 1-4 start.

Vikings – Ugly game.  Percy Harvin is a monster.  I’m moving on.

Colts – Peyton Manning threw three first-half passes that should have been intercepted, his teammates made up for it by losing three fumbles in the second half.  This was ugly but they got the victory.  Oh yeah, and they still had 469 yards of total offense.

Redskins – Rumor has it that Albert Haynesworth’s price tag was lowered this weekend.  I’m interested to see who would bite.  I’m high on Ryan Torian who cracked the 100 yard barrier this weekend; He averaged 11.7 yards per carry with 3+ WRs on the field.

Titans –  Not sold, but they have plenty of weapons.  Keeping Chris Johnson in the game down the stretch was selfish and stupid.

Jags – Jack Del Rio is done.  This was awful all-around.