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Friday Oct. 15th 2010 (All times EST)

– Yankees v Rangers 8pm (TBS) – CC goes up against C.J. in the first game of the ALCS.  If the fact that the pitchers both are referred to as acronyms isn’t enough, this is the only baseball game on TV tonight.

– Bethlehem Lights Seasonal Lighting 8pm (QVC) – Why wouldn’t you watch this?

Saturday Oct. 16th 2010 (All times EST)

– Arsenal v Birmingham 10am – Arsenal youngins need to step it up.  This should be a good spot to showcase their talent.

– Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion 10am (ESPN 3) – United should dominate this game.  Good game to watch for something other than a 0-0 barnburner.

– Aston Villa v Chelsea 10am (ESPN) – Chelsea still dominating the premier league; watch to root for them to lose, I will.

– Texas v Nebraska 3:30pm – Revenge game for Nebraska after last years heart breaker.   Nebraska is ranked #5, but CS smells an upset.

– Arkansas v Auburn 3:30pm – We actually don’t care about this game, but felt like we didn’t want to piss off redneck nation.

– Ohio State v Wisconsin 7:00pm – Anytime the #1 ranked team in the country is playing a ranked team, it is worth a few minutes of your time.

– SF Giants v Phillies 7:30pm – I hate the Giants; you should watch to cheer on the Phillies.

– UFC 120  7pm (SPIKE) – Bisping vs. Akiyama isn’t a good enough reason to do this, however being able to watch it for free on SPIKE is.

– Nuggets v Lakers 10:30pm (NBA TV) – Artest guarding ‘Melo, enough said.

Sunday Oct. 17th 2010 (All times EST)

– Seahawks v Da Bears 1pm – Time to see if the Bears are for real or not.  Cutler is back, time for him to put up or shut up.

– Ravens v Patriots 1pm – What can Brady do without Moss?  Can Flacco throw some points on the board against a weak New England defense?  What will Tom Brady‘s hair look like?

– Raiders v 49rs 4:05pm – I am watching purely to see Alex Smith implode and Mike Singletary to punch him in the face.

– Extreme Makeover; Home Edition 8pm – Women watch this because it is a great show which tugs at the heart strings.  Men should watch it because women will cry and when they do they become vulnerable.  Also,        The Sunday Night game usually has ended by now.

– Undercover Boss 9pm – One of my favorite shows in the past year.  This episode features the CEO of Frontier Airlines.  Can’t wait until he sees how crappy his airline really is.

– Boardwalk Empire 9pm – Damn, Im starting to love this show.  Al Capone is by far the best character on this show.

– Mad Men 10pm – SEASON FINALE!  Draper put his balls on the line last week, will it pay off?  Also, maybe Betty Draper will be wearing something skimpy.

-Eastbound and Down – Because it is Kenny Fuc*ing Powers!!!   If you don’t watch this, you are most likely a loser.

Enjoy, we will.