So there I was, watching this week’s “Modern Family” on my DVR when an ad for “Grey’s Anatomy” came on.  Having had my share of girlfriends and girl friends who’ve been autistic for that show over the years, I watched the 30 second promo to see where the show is at.  Here are my takeaways:

1.  That show is still on?  Honestly?  Wow.

2.  Patrick Dempsey is still on that show?  I expect as much from the odd-faced Asian lady, the “sassy/strong black woman” and the “do i or don’t i love Patrick Dempsey” baby-voiced white girl who was in “Old School”, but I expect more from Ronald Miller.  Moving on…

3.  Speaking of the odd-faced Asian lady, it seems that when I see ads for this show she’s always with a different guy.  My theory on this is that the writers screwed themselves.  They had Katherine Heigel and lost her.  That sucks, because they’d already betrothed the hot chick from “Old School” to “Can’t Buy Me Love”‘s Ronald Miller.  So…now they’re stuck moving this “handsome” woman from doctor to doctor:

The money's on the dresser, Miyagi!

Tonight’s promo featured her in bed next to a guy I’ve never seen.  She turns to him and says, “Would you still love me if I wasn’t a surgeon?”  The camera cuts away before he can answer, but I’m pretty sure this is how it went down:



“You heard me, Miyagi.  PEACE!”

4.  There seems to be some friction yet love between Ronnie Miller and The Odd-Faced Asian lady.  First he defends her at a table (“She goes, I go!”) and then he turns around and tells her (over a cadaver, like you do) “You’re burning out!” (as seen below):

Grey's Anatomy Still Sucks

In summation, “Grey’s Anatomy” sucks.  It has always sucked.  If “sucks” were people that show would be China.