NAS – 1


As a massive fan of the original Lost Tapes, this infuriates me as well.  This is the typical major label attitude which has led to their demise.  If you are on a boat and it is sinking please do not drown someone else to try and save yourself.  Some of the folks involved are really great people, but refuse to adapt to a changing marketplace/model.

Nas has an album titled ‘Lost Tapes 2’ that his fans have wanted to have released since his first one came out in 2005. The execs at Def Jam can’t seem to realize how important the first one was to his fans and the impact that it had.  The album is done and the wonderful folks at DEF JAM are saying he can put it out BUT, it won’t count on his record deal (which means he will still need to deliver a full album of new material).  Oh yeah, and the label won’t pay for it but still want all the goodness that will come their way from a newly released Nas joint.  Enjoy this e-mail, I did.

Nas e-mail to DEF JAM execs