Cardinals – Derek Anderson had a 42.5 QB rating. I see 3 wins all season at best.
Falcons – Burner Turner was actually cleared to return to the game. Snelling stepped up and Matty R was mistake free. You still were playing the Cardinals.
Baltimore – Flacco is a bum. Defense is good, but not great. No more that 1st round of playoffs, at best.
Cincinnati – 9 penalties. Carson Palmer looks awful. So many weapons, so little execution.
Kansas City – Bums. Jamaal Charles is a piece of steaming fantasy dung. Dwayne Bowe deserves a backhand for ruining the 7th round of my fantasy draft.
Cleveland – Bring back Derek Anderson. Bums. Jerome Harrison is overrated.
Bears – Couldn’t be more pleased at 2-0. Keys are Cutler, O-Line stays strong and protecting the ball. Massive MNF game next week v the Pack.
Cowboys – Over/Under on how many games before Jason Garrett is canned? $$$ doesn’t always buy wins. I loathe Tony Romo.
Eagles – Kolb v Vick again. The dog-fight continues. Defense needs to step up.
Lions – I want to personally hug each member of the Lions and say I’m sorry for them.
Bills – Trent Edwards. Bum.
Green Bay – Looking very strong. Jermichael Finley is key, good to see he was involved this week. Brandon Jackson is serviceable.
Steelers – Solid 2-0 start because of the steel curtain’s domination of Chris Johnson. Scraping by w/out Big Ben.
Tennessee – Good bye you pile of Texas cow poop, Vince Young. Hello old ass Kerry Collins. Good bye any shot of a post-season.7 turnovers??? I’m not even mad, that’s amazing.
Miami – Defensive performance of the year. Chad Henne throws like a 7 yr old girl.
Vikings – It is the Favre of 2 years ago combined with absolutely no Wide Receivers. Vincent Jackson time.
Tampa Bay – I honestly don’t care.
Carolina – Jimmy Clausen; call up Brady Quinn and ask him why ND QB’s over the past 20 yrs suck in the NFL.
Seattle – Chin check. You aren’t good.
Denver – Tough team to beat when at home. Kyle Orton is your QB, good bye post-season.
St. Louis – This season is good practice for Sam Bradford?
Oakland – Again, just remove Al Davis, the entire coaching staff, and all players and you have a shot at the playoffs. Sorry Jason Campbell, you are a bum.
New England – Please confirm who your running back is? Defense should be shot for letting the Sanchize embarrass you.
J-E-T-S – Revis, Mangold, and Jason Taylor all visited the locker room for injuries. All are fine, but longterm worries in my eyes. Sanchize actually played well, won’t happen again.
Jags – Don’t care.
San Diego – Lack of Vincent Jackson will be a problem down the stretch. Ryan Matthews injury is very troubling, seems to be ok though.
Texans – Mario, Schaub, Andre 3000, and Arian are monsters. This could be their year if they stay healthy… Ya, I said it.
Redskins – Mike S loves his old quarterbacks. Tough loss which I predict will start a downward spiral.
Giants – What the hell was that? Brandon Jacobs is asking for a trade today, as would I.
Colts – Vintage Manning game. Look like they have the past 5 years.