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Watch Madonna Take a Nasty Fall On Stage At The Brit Awards


Madonna took the stage at the Brit Awards this evening, and her performance hit quite the stumbling block about halfway through. Check out the Vine (which has since gone viral) which shows her falling down off of a three stair platform stage prop. It is very hard to not wince when you see the fall,


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Here Is the First Photo of Jason Momoa As “Aquaman”


If you were expecting Adrian Grenier to play the part of Aquaman, you will be slightly surprised when you check out this photo. Director Zack Snyder took to Twitter, which he often does, to show off the first image of of Jason Momoa who will be playing Aquaman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”


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Damian Lillard Impressively Freestyles With Sway


Heading off to TNT or ESPN to become a TV analyst is the direction most retired NBA athletes take for a post-career. However, Damian Lillard may want to look else-where to bring his talents. Damian Lillard sat with Sway over All-Star weekend and dropped an actually very solid freestyle which you can hear above. Eat