An old favorite clip is making the rounds on the internet, which is the perfect occasion to share it for all to see.

Check out this incredible rally, where two dudes go back and forth hitting a ball on a ping pong table with their heads. Not only is the fact they rally for so long an impressive feat, but their aim and ability to land amazing shots and returns are unreal. Seriously, I couldn’t imagine returning a shot, let alone making a diving save.

Special kudos to the dude on the right, who looks down and out about five times before making an incredible play to win the match. It’s ping pong at its headiest form.

Now, like mentioned above, the clip isn’t new even though it’s trended on Reddit and been re-posted by Sports Illustrated. The video can be traced back to early 2016 and it’s potentially even older than that. Still, it doesn’t make the video any less cool.

It’s time to set up a ping pong net, getting a volleyball and trying it out for yourself. Just make sure you keep all breakables out of sight and have fun.

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