Love comes in all shapes and sizes. The use of social media has revolutionized how many people interact. One employee of the Sacramento Kings has taken the use of social media to a different level.

Managing editor of the Kings social media, Shahbaz Khan, found his fiance through the team’s account. It may not be entirely ethical but the man did find love.

His original interaction with Ferheen Khan was when he asked her for permission to use a photo on the Kings’ social media accounts. From there, he felt that he was able to “shoot his shot” and ask her out. The initial conversation was started when Shahbaz commented that they both had the same last name.

This isn’t the most normal love story in the world, heck, it was even documented on the local news. It all started by asking her and her brother to a game.

The important part of the story is that Ferheen was on board with the courtship. This story could have gone from normal to creepy, really quick. She even posted a joke about it all on Instagram.

Took my Kings fandom too far. #alhamdulillah PC: @moneymasoody

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Not sure if the world is ready for this 21st-century style of love just yet. Congratulations to the happy couple, though.

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