Why didn’t they call the Stig for help?

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are fun gentleman. For years, they entertained the world with Top Gear, the show where they joked about driving cars while driving cars.  It was pretty complicated, obviously. In 2015, however, things had changed, people were unhappy, and all three left the show together, possibly hand in hand as the studio erupted in Michael Bay explosions. Possibly.

The former Top Gear trio have kept busy, venturing into challenges and worlds in hopes of creating a more thorough legacy. It appears that today, for Jeremy Clarkson at least, that his legend will now dominate the world of… box building. Reddit has rejoiced.

Note: apparently hammers are pretty important to box building.

As more people continue to ignore the newest edition of Top Gear, as not-Captain-America Chris Evans continues to lose fans, the world waits with bated breath to see what the boys are up to next. Maybe Hammond and May can have a push-up contest, or they could all learn how to Lean and Dab. Either way, BRING THE BACK THE STIG! WHO WAS HE? DID HE SMELL NICE? WE NEED ANSWERS!


Photo: The Sun