Kids, always remember: your limbs are wonderful, and should be kept out of harm’s way, if possible.

That said, James Young has an amazing bionic arm inspired by Big Boss from the Metal Gear Solid series, though he chose to keep both eyes for some reason.   After a train accident took his arm and leg,  James had a hard time keeping up with his normal life and hobbies, one of them being gaming.

Fitting, then, that the Alternative Limb Project, advertised by Konami (makers of the Metal Gear Solid), would choose a gamer to receive an awesome new arm.  Along with looking badass, it also has a USB charging port, a flashlight, an interactive screen, and the ability to control a drone for thwarting his enemies.  James has also started a fundraising campaign in order to improve the tech for his arms as well as others, probably looking to add a mini-gun or some type of Wolverine Claw for further thwarting those who oppose him.