Good luck watching this clip without crying, laughing and potentially pissing your pants. Puppies bring joy to millions of people around the world every single day and this video montage (via Huffington Post) of people opening puppies for Christmas will bring you a serious amount of joy.

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  • Ariel Sulejmani

  • Emily Lott Miller

  • Kaylin Smith

  • Joe Antuono

  • Why did I watch that and think I wouldn’t cry? Jeesh

  • Diiva Anaya

  • Mari Kon

  • Cassidy Rose McTague

  • Jeffrey Olson

  • James Sullivan please?

  • Frankie Fleming I’m exploding

  • Cyra Haguisan

  • Ime Sakaria & Dan Christenson I can imagine kylees reaction :)) lol

  • Kathy Formsma maybe Santa will bring you a puppy for Christmas!

  • Sarah

    I don’t condone the idea of giving puppies and kittens as Christmas gifts but I’ll be damned if I didn’t smile and cry through that whole video!!

    • annamorphos

      I think it’s a good gift as long as the recipient wants and is currently searching for a puppy. Gifting someone such an enormous responsibility, without finding out if that’s something they want, is one reason why great dogs wind up in shelters.

  • Maggie

    Too bad that so many of the puppies that are given as holiday gifts for Christmas, Easter, etc. end up homeless at the pound. How about adopting a sweet middle-age or senior dog instead?

  • Two Replies

    Pets are NOT presents.

    And you don’t give an elderly person a pet as a present either.
    It’s disrespectful. You’re making a decision for them without considering their own thoughts and feelings.
    You especially don’t give a pet to replace a dead one, or to try to cheer someone up after a death. It’s disrespectful of the person as an adult, of their emotions, of the dead, and of their memory. Just be there for them while they’re grieving, don’t try to placate or “cure” their grief. That’s not healthy or helpful.

    There are FAR TOO MANY dogs sent to pounds or shelters, only to be euthanized, after Christmas, because of such irresponsible GIFTING.

    • Righteous

      Pets are a good way to cheer anyone up and they can be used to “cure” someone in pain. If a pet makes someone happy that is all that matters. A pet can’t replace a loved one but can help take some of the pain away. Also the elderly whom get a puppy for a present can give them away to their grandchildren and so forth if they cannot provide the attention a pet needs. Puppies are good presents for everyone.

  • Julie B

    Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this? Pets shouldnt be given as gifts anyways, but even if your family decides to get a pet for christmas, all of these puppies look like they were purchased at a pet shop. Please for the love of God people, do your homework, and if youre unaware, simply google search “puppy mills”