With their roster of 23 set for Brazil, the United States Men’s National Team played their first friendly in preparation for the upcoming World Cup action next month. First on the schedule was Azerbaijan, who traveled to San Francisco to take on the USMNT in a game that the U.S. would win 2-0.

However, somebody forgot to tell Stuart Scott that the game was played on American soil before he went on the air for Tuesday night’s edition of SportsCenter, when Scott tried to toss to Bob Ley in Azerbaijan. Ley was not located overseas, but instead right down the hall in the same exact studio as Stuart.

It was pretty humorous, especially since Scott even took the time to make a joke about passports before tossing the segment to Ley. And, to his credit, Stu owned up to the error and poked fun at himself later in the show. Bob Ley is going to need to wear a GPS for all future SportsCenter broadcasts from now on.

[Awful Announcing]