Testicular cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer for males between the ages of 15-29 and people need to know this so they can get checked regularly. The Testicular Cancer Canada organization wanted to spread the word about getting tested so they asked marketing firm BBDO Toronto to create a persuasive ad and they delivered. They had 20 gentlemen in something called “Not-The-Sac Wax.” The premise was to show that a simple waxing of the private area can make the area easier to check for cancer. These sadists had the men get their junk waxed and then recorded it for everyone’s amusement. If this wasn’t for such a great cause I would say that the makers of this video were sick in the head, but it is and as it turns out the video is hilarious since it’s not me suffering.

There must have been a better marketing strategy to get the word out than this agonizing testicle torture. I’m sure the guys in the pictures below would agree that maybe they could have handed out flyers or had a car wash to raise awareness.