Frat recruitLook out, Morgantown, America’s #1-ranked frat recruit (not a real thing…at least I hope not) is invading the campus of West Virginia University this fall, and he’s coming for everyone’s girlfriend/mom, as well as Mountaineers quarterback Clint Trickett’s starting job. We don’t know who this anonymous, self-proclaimed “Weekend Warrior” is, but the post was discovered on a private — but not really because anyone can ask to join, as the admins aren’t the brightest bulbs — West Virginia University Class of 2018 Facebook page.

Frat recruitHowever, we’re fairly certain his anonymity will be shed in short order, either thanks to the Internet, or because it’s going to be easy to identify the underage kid walking around with a case of Bud Light at all times (or, just look for the guy whose face your mom is currently sitting on).

One other item of note: Clint Trickett would have made a great bully name in an ’80s high school comedy.