Usually when you think of great hockey fights it’s lots of punches and blood that comes to mind, not hugs, beer, and peace signs. But, with that being said, the Federal Hockey League (which, apparently, is a real thing that exists) is here to flip your world upside down:

Check out this clip from Friday’s game between the Dayton Demonz and the Danville Dashers, where Matt Puntureri and Jesse Felton don’t quite deliver what was expected of them after dropping the gloves and doffing the helmets. Unless, that is, what you were expecting was a big center ice bro-hug and the chugging of a beer that Puntereri had stuffed into his pants. (via)

I’m a supporter of great hockey fights, but why throw punches when you can hug it out and enjoy a brew? Not sure how I feel about crotch sweat-flavored beers though.