The Bruins and Canadiens submitted another chapter into their historic rivalry Monday night in Boston, with the Canadiens taking the Bruins and their 12-game win streak down with a shootout victory.

As with most Boston-Montreal matchups, this one was filled with lots of exciting action and just as much bad blood between the two teams. The tone was set early with this Alexei Emelin hip check delivered to Milan Lucic in the first period:


Though the hit looked like a pretty clean shot on open ice, Lucic and some of his teammates took exception to Emelin’s decision to throw the hip check in that situation.

In the third period, Lucic found a slightly less legal way to get his revenge on Emelin. Take a look:

looch goose egg

Ouch, it looks pretty clear that the Bruins forward’s stick rode up into Emelin’s undercarriage, immediately sending him down to the ice in pain. Was it intentional? After the game, Lucic saids no, and added that Emelin is a “chicken.”