I have discovered nothing entertains me more than watching a few regular grandmas reading sexually perverse song lyrics.  While eating pastrami sandwiches.

Welcome The Golden Sisters – Terry, Mary and Josie – and what I like to think of as the best cover I’ve heard thus far of Beyonce song, “Drunk in Love ft. Jay-Z and Kanye West”.

Now, I know there have been many versions, covers and animated videos to the tune of this chart-topper, but this has to be, hands down, the best.  Because they’re someone’s grandmothers.  And because of the thoughtful analysis behind each lyric.  Not always verbal analysis, but who needs words with faces like this?:


There’s some major questions and concerns they have over this song.  Like, what is 7-11?  What’s all this “talking while having sex” nonsense about?  And does Beyonce’s husband, the “sweetheart”, know she’s singing things like this?!

Also, their discussion as to whether or not Kanye West is a singer or a basketball player is pretty entertaining.  Maybe more so the fact that Mary (middle) knows that “Kim Kardashian likes ’em big.”

In final review: “… that’s a number one hit?  That’s a piece of sh*t.”