It looks like Nicklas Bendtner isn’t dealing with his lack of playing time well, so he used all his excess energy on partying, and partying a little too hard. The Arsenal striker had a boozy night out in Copenhagen on Tuesday, when he apparently threatened a taxi driver in bizarre fashion.

While his team was playing Bayern Munich in their Champions League round-of-16 second leg, Bendtner reportedly went berserk in Denmark. Allegedly the 26-year-old unbuttoned his pants and dry-humped the side of a cab, then apparently whipped the taxi driver with his belt and berated his victim by saying, “I will f*ck you,” and also called him a “little bitch” as well as a “a fat little pig.” The bullied taxi driver said, “I have had drunk passengers in my car for 25 years and I have never seen anything like it.” Who knew that Bendtner was such a car enthusiast?

The driver called his taxi company and the police after the incident. The taxi company confirmed that they received a phone call from the driver, but said they would not report the matter to the police “because it wasn’t essentially an assault, but rather it was just a passenger who behaved like an idiot.” Bendtner and his camp declined to comment on the situation. I don’t think Bendtner, who has only played in one match since February 2, is dealing with his demotion very well and his drunk antics won’t get him back in Arsenal’s good graces any time soon.

Drunk Bendtner ‘rubbed himself against my cab and started whipping it with his belt’