Roy Hibbert is a big man who likes big things. He has an enormous 8-foot by 9-foot bed. Now he wants a big chair, the Game of Thrones chair. The 7-foot, 2-inch Hibbert, who is a huge Game of Thrones fan, would like a life-size Iron Throne. Hibbert revealed his new obsession on Basketball Insiders:

“I want it for the head of my dinner table,” Hibbert said, excitedly showing a picture of it. “My fiancée doesn’t think it’ll look good in the living room.”

Hibbert can obtain a throne without having to defeat an army of dragons or the Lannisters because a 7’2″ high, 350-pound fiberglass replica can be purchased at HBO’s shop for a mere $30,000 dollars.


Now if Hibbert could take the real Iron Throne from this little jerk, that would be great.