Disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford took time away from his hectic schedule of smoking crack governing to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The late night host treated the beleaguered mayor like royalty as he personally greeted him at LAX airport.


After chauffeuring him to Los Angeles, Ford appeared on JKL for a hard-hitting and straightforward interview. Ford greeted the crowd by chucking shirts at them. The first question that Kimmel asked Ford was unequivocally honest, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that you are here, but why are you here? What good could come of this? Have you ever seen this show?” That set the very candid tone for the rest of the show where Kimmel did not pussyfoot around Ford’s most embarrassing moments and played each and every one. Ford was unapologetic by saying:

The apologies are over. I’m moving on. People are going to judge me on a proven track record and that’s why I’m down here. I want people to come to Toronto.”

Ford was extremely nervous and was sweating so profusely that Kimmel actually wiped him down and then joked that he was going to auction off the sweaty Kleenex on eBay. Watch all of the funny and strange interview below.