With the Sochi Olympics officially behind us, it’s time for the spotlight to shift to the next major international sporting event – this Summer’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Quite a few national jerseys for the World Cup have been leaked/revealed online already, and you can now add the United States to that list. On Monday morning, a Twitter user by the name of Joe Davis (@joedavis4) posted the photo above and reported that it was the away kit to be used by the U.S. Men’s National Team on soccer’s biggest stage this summer.

He doesn’t seem to be an official source of any kind, so many are rightfully questioning the legitimacy of the “leaked” image. However, the kit in question does match the description posted by Footy Headlines, a trusted source for leaked soccer kits.

Footy Headlines has already posted photos of USA’s home kit, which you can find below:


So, while I’m hesitant to trust some random dude on Twitter, there certainly is a legitimate possibility that we’ve laid eyes on both of the USMNT’s Nike kits already. If anybody’s got any info to confirm or prove otherwise, I’d certainly  appreciate the heads up.