The stress of Valentine’s Day can cause couples to break up (ladies, it is also a common ploy by men to save some dinero on flowers and chocolate). However you don’t see many guys breaking up with their fast food restaurant chain right before Valentine’s Day, right after New Year’s Eve yes, but not during the romantic V-Day. Stand-up comedian Hunter Roberts went to Twitter to announce that he was taking time away from one of his most coveted restaurants, Long John Silver’s. Hunter wanted everyone to know that it wasn’t Long John Silver’s fault for the breakup, but it was him wanting a healthier diet. The dejected Long John Silver’s couldn’t comprehend the separation and the back and forth on Twitter was pure deep-fried gold.



Things got really awkward when the cheap mistress chimed in to remind Hunter that their warm buns were available to him whenever he so desired.

2014-02-13_2045Cheer up Long John Silver’s, you cod do batter.