It was supposed to be the greatest fight of all-time that involved a non-boxer/non-celebrity and an chemically-imbalanced rapper. However the “celebrity” boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX has allegedly been canceled by the promoter, Damon Feldman.

Does anyone else smell something? Did I just step in dog crap or is the stench coming from these tweets? Now regular boxing promoters don’t exactly have a sterling reputation for doing the right thing and celebrity boxing promoters are even a lower grade scum opportunist than them, which is pretty difficult to do. So for the first time in the shadowy, corrupt history of boxing, a promoter, who created this awful idea in the first place, is stopping a fight that could potentially make him millions so that he could do the admirable and right action. Did I mention that Feldman is the mastermind behind “celebrity” boxing matches for Octo-Mom, Rodney King, Michael Lohan Jose Canseco and Tonya Harding. The shady Feldman pleaded no contest to “charges of fixing fights and promoting fights without a license” and sentenced to two years probation by a Pennsylvania court in 2011. Well for whatever reason the fight is not happening so it appears that you’ll have to find your race-baiting, amateur boxing entertainment somewhere else for the time being.