Team USA v Chicago White Sox

I’ve heard of some crazy defensive strategies on the basketball court, but poisoning the other team’s bucket of thirst quencher is probably a little excessive.

Unfortunately for one middle schooler in Gaffney, South Carolina, he did not get the memo.

From WBTW News 13:

A Gaffney Middle School student has been disciplined after district officials say he put a small amount of bleach into a cooler containing Gatorade during a basketball game.

Cherokee County School Superintendent Dr. Quincie Moore confirms the incident happened Wednesday during a game between GMS and Granard Middle School. Moore says Gaffney Middle School student admitted to putting about a cap-full of bleach into a seven-gallon cooler full of Gatorade.

Moore tells 7 On Your Side students and staff from both schools drank from the cooler, but no one reported being sick from the drink.

“As sad and unfortunate as this situation is we are happy that it wasn’t any worse,” said Dr. Moore.

Yeah, that kid is very, very lucky nobody got hurt as a result…otherwise, he’d be in a whole lot of trouble. We’re not exactly sure what the discipline he received entails, as the details haven’t been made public.

Regardless, he should probably tone down the gameplan for next game.


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