Watch A Bar Full Of 49ers Fans React To The Final Play Of The NFC Championship Game

Thanks to the thrilling end of the Seahawks-49ers NFC Championship game, we have some solid footage of both fan bases reacting to the final (meaningful) play of the game — a Colin Kaepernick pass that cornerback Richard Sherman tipped to linebacker Malcolm Smith for the game-sealing interception. Prior to the play, the 49ers had made their way down the field rather easily, which had 49ers fans feeling pretty good about their chances for a game-winning touchdown. The deciding play occurs just past the :50 mark of the video, but we didn’t cue it to that spot in order to show the full range of emotions those fans went through leading up to — and past — the final play.

Also, there’s a great moment a few seconds later, when everyone in the room holds onto the faintest of hopes after realizing a flag was thrown on the play — only to have their world crushed when it’s merely for a dead ball personal foul. And, in case you were wondering what it looked like for other side, here’s one of the best videos we’ve found of Seahawks fans celebrating:


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