For Ben Cornick, his jump off an airplane thousands of feet in the air was a typical event, the avid skydiver had been on over 1,000 jumps in his life. However this skydive turned from ordinary to horrific after he lost control of his parachute and fell 12,000 feet. The 31-year-old British father of one, was jumping over the South Pacific island of Fiji when plummeted to the ground and smashed into a parked van at 40 MPH.


Cornick was taken to a New Zealand hospital and they required $37,500 in medical fees upfront before undergoing emergency treatment. His family set up a Facebook page set up for donations and they quickly raised $56,000 to get him the necessary surgeries. However knowing his scary situation and seeing these x-rays, Cornick is lucky to be alive.

Here is an x-ray of his shattered leg.

Ben-Cornick-LegHere is an x-ray of his arm.