Pretty much every NFL team has a flurry of players and qualities that are hated by everyone else. The Raiders have Al Davis (still), the Jets have Rex Ryan, the Ravens have Joe Flacco.

But the playoffs bring out a whole new animal: constant and unwavering obnoxious media coverage that makes everyone else tired of hearing about the remaining teams. It’s during this time that the rooting interests of fans of the other 28 teams are determined by just that very notion: who do you hate the least?

Thanks to Sports Pickle, now there’s a way to determine which team sucks the most, and unsurprisingly, it’s the New England Patriots! For the lazy, The Broncos are the least hateable with a score of 5, the Seahawks and 49ers tie at 6, and the Patriots are last with ALL.

Can’t argue too much with this chart, they covered it all: Kaepernick’s childish backwards hat, Manning’s partnership with Papa John’s, Seattle’s painfully annoying fan base, and New England’s everything.