So, this video is from 1986 (okay, fine, not quite 30 years ago), and was originally uploaded to YouTube in 2007, which means it’s approximately 1,753 years old in combined real life and Internet years. But it’s new to me, damnit! At least, I think it’s new to me — six years was a long time and many drinks ago. Anyway, in the video, you’ll see the dude bros of Duke University’s Sigma Chi fraternity participating in something called Beer Frisbee (or, “Frizz”, because “frisbee” isn’t bro-ey enough), an activity of sorts where “you don’t have to be athletic, you only have to be alcoholic”. Not an alcoholic, mind you, just alcoholic.

Beyond the antics of Beer Frizz, the real beauty of this video is that it’s a window into a simpler time. A glorious time before the world knew who Christian Laettner was, before Coach K was a household name, before Dickie V turned into Dukie V. A time when university administrators didn’t give a shit about open alcohol consumption on the lawns of frat houses, where bros could be bros, drinking and booting (that’s Frat for “puking”) for everyone to see.

The best parts, of course, are the quotes. Oh, the quotes. We’ll let Headbanded Guy Dude Bro explain brotherhood and Beer Frizz:

“Okay, brotherhood, right? Yeah, we all get really h-h-hammered, and we’re all real good friends. You know, the two kinda go together, right? What’s different…about Beer Frizz…is that there’s somethin’ honest about it, there’s somethin’ pure. All you gotta do is see the expression on somebody’s face when he buys a piece of this curb right here…”

*Cut to: some bro buying it on said curb*

“…all you gotta see is some dude get hit by a car, or some dude buyin’ it in the teeth to catch a frizz. And that’ll make you put things in perspective.”

Yeah…maaaan. Perspectives, and stuff.

Also, I am definitely using the “Who’s the shitty, really, really shitty team? THEY ARE!” battle cry at my next co-rec soccer game.