Jay Z is not businessman, he’s a business, man. Somewhere in America Jay Z continued his ascent into super sports agent by following his blueprint and signing another star player in CC Sabathia. The Yankee ace shared the news on his Twitter by posting this picture with the short and simple text of “La Familia.”


The upstart sports agency was exuberant with the new addition by saying, “Roc nation Sports is excited to welcome CC Sabathia to the Family. CC exemplifies everything Roc Nation looks for in an athlete and a partner.” While it’s a marquee name, Sabathia’s current contract with the Yankees doesn’t end until 2016 when he will be 36, and was clearly not the same ace pitcher this year losing 13 games and a 4.78 ERA. This does continue show that Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports is serious about baseball, especially after they shocked the world by getting Robinson Cano a 10-year, $240 million deal.