Giants WR Hakeem Nicks has been propositioned to legally change his name to, and in return he would receive $88,800. As you may gather, this is a big of a long shot but you have to give it to the folks at for drumming up a bit of publicity (from sites such as us). Hakeem Nicks pulled in around 4 million dollars for his work during the 2013 season, so we aren’t too sure that the $88,000 is too convincing.

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As part of the terms of the agreement, Nicks would be required to legally change his name on all official documentation including his driver’s license, social security card, passport, bank accounts and other forms of identification for one full year. The new moniker must also be acknowledged by the league and changed on his official team jersey and roster, programs and personal appearances billings. would assume all costs associated with the official change.

“We’re excited that is up and running in New Jersey,” said Brian Mattingley, CEO of 888 Holdings. “As we consider 888 to be the premier gaming site in the Garden State, we thought it was appropriate to align ourselves with other area notables. We couldn’t think of a more fitting local athlete than Big Blue’s very own number 88, Hakeem Nicks. We are also aware that Hakeem’s contract is up, so we hope that he sees this as a gesture to stay and as an opportunity to benefit a local charity that he supports.”