The Arena Football League has teamed up with Sports Video Innovations (SVI) to bring a unique, new, first-person live camera service, Schutt Vision, to AFL games next season.

Fans will be able to watch AFL games from the individual perspectives of various players, ranging from the quarterback to wide receiver to linebacker. If you’ve ever wondered how bone-crushingly brutal football is, this may be your opportunity to view it, albeit vicariously. And for all of you kicking fanatics, you may even be able to see the complex nuances and intricacies of the thrilling world of punting!

You likely won’t have to wait long to see this feature in action, the AFL begins in March and will have at least 10 of its games (plus conference championships and the Arena Bowl) televised as part of a new contract with ESPN agreed to in December of last year, so it’s very likely this could be implemented by then.

In regards to whether we’ll be seeing this in the NFL any time soon, Chris Kluwe has had talks with the Commissioner’s office about bringing augmented reality to pro football. So watch as much first-person perspective arena football as you can before Roger Goodell monopolizes is and charges an arm and a leg in addition to your firstborn child for rights to view it.