First of all, what is Sir Paul doing way up there with the little people, and why is he not sitting courtside? Oh, that’s right, it costs an arm and a leg to go see the surging (9 and 15, baby!) Brooklyn Nets, so maybe it’s all he could afford. Oh, who are we kidding, this guy’s the richest non-Russian in the Barclay’s Center. Kajillionaires like him should never be in a position to fight over promotional items shot out of cannons.

However, this reminds me: it would be funny if a disgruntled mascot decided to go rogue one day, and just fire t-shirts at the people sitting courtside. He’d definitely target all the obnoxious and ungrateful little kids who sit there, because nobody likes them. I bet he even gets off three or four shots before anyone realizes what’s going on. He’d for sure get arrested/fired, but I would pitch in at least $5 towards his bail money.

Paul McCartney[YouTube]