It feels like it’s been forever since the simpler days when Deron Williams and Chris Paul were definitely the two best point guards in the NBA. Thursday night in Brooklyn, we got a little blast from the past. Early in a rather ho-hum Nets vs. Clippers showdown, CP3 crossed D-Will over in a move that looked more like a sniper was involved, rather than a crafty fake-out. Alas, if you look closely, D-Will’s fall was just as much a result of stepping on teammate Brook Lopez’s foot as it was CP3’s ball-handling. Too bad for D-Will, because the crowd couldn’t tell, so they went “oooooooh!” (Followed by everyone on social media going “oooooooooh!”). Thus, it became the ankle-breaker that, in reality, kinda, sorta wasn’t.

The embarrassing moment clearly didn’t faze D-Will, because not only did his Nets somehow go on to beat the visiting Clippers 102-93 (that’s three in a row for Brooklyn — look out, world!), but he exacted revenge with two crossovers of his own.