Eddie vedderIt’s been more than five years, but noted Seattle SuperSonics fan Eddie Vedder is still not over that whole NBA-not-being-in-Seattle thing (well, neither am I, but this is about Eddie Vedder). Earlier in November, the Pearl Jam frontman unleashed an anti-OKC tirade at a show in Charlotte. We still don’t know why he chose to do it in Charlotte, but he did, and it pissed off everyone in Oklahoma who gets upset when someone says mean things about their precious Thunder.

Unfortunately, Vedder made the mistake of not knowing his own band’s touring schedule, as Pearl Jam had a show scheduled for Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City on November 18th. Vedder had to face the music in front of a packed house, and made amends with everyone in attendance:

Then Vedder pointed out the 800-pound gorilla in the room. Earlier this month, The Lost Ogle posted video of the singer going off about the loss of his beloved Seattle Supersonics in front of a Charlotte, N.C. audience. Just before playing “MFC (Mini Fast Car)” on Saturday, he acknowledged his not-so-choice words for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“We’ve gone to some therapy, we’ve dealt with our anger issues,” Vedder said, promising to give a more lengthy explanation later. And after a searing version of “Even Flow,” he dedicated “Sirens” to the people affected by the May tornadoes…


…Then, with (bassist Jeff) Ament sporting a Seattle jersey with “Durant 35″ stitched across the back, Vedder made peace with the Thunder, but slyly winking throughout.

“See, here’s the deal,” Vedder said. “It’s nothing to do with Oklahoma or Oklahoma City or Tulsa or this state or the people or the locals or people in this building. It’s simply what it’d be like if your girlfriend, who you were with in a long-time relationship … well, you wouldn’t like her new husband. If it was Fresno, I’d be p—-d off at Fresno.”

That’s nice. So, case closed, right? Nope. Vedder immediately shifted his ire towards Sacramento, a city that has nothing to do with an NBA team not being in Seattle, other than the fact the NBA did everything in its power to prevent the Kings from moving to Seattle:

Then he went off on Sacramento, Calif., because the NBA blocked a proposal in September to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle.

It appears the people Vedder should be most upset with aren’t cities that fight for their basketball teams (Sacramento) or cities that had one dropped in their lap because their owner is a lying scumbag (OKC), but rather the actual NBA itself. Oh well, the good news for Vedder is that Pearl Jam doesn’t have a scheduled tour stop in Sacramento, so that’s one apology he won’t have to make.