Hockey refs in the NHL break up fights. Hockey refs in Sweden finish them.

Seriously, I want these refs on my side the next time I get ripped off at Dairy Queen.

In this friendly disagreement involving the teams Vaxjo and Färjestad from the Swedish Hockey League, the referees simply do not have time for your – or anyone else’s – shit. So being the fine people we are here at Next Impulse Sports, we decided that a play-by-play of the events is the only appropriate way to truly break down the awesomeness of this fight.

– 0:00, general rabble-rousing between the two sides. Some pushing and shoving, nothing major.

– 0:28, referee #36 goes down trying to rustle up a Färjestad player who was clearly did not enjoy his juice box and orange slices at intermission.

– 0:38, Färjestad #12 decides he’s had enough of this loitering around crap and joins the fracas because hitting people is way cooler than not hitting people.

– 0:44, Färjestad #12 feels he should bring the bourgeois authority down to level of the proletariat and drags referee #6 to the ice so he can receive his licks.

– 0:48, Färjestad #12 actually realizes that the guy he tackled is a referee feels really awkward about it, patting him on the back while probably saying “that’s my bad bro, heat of the moment, you know?”

– 0:53, referee #6 ain’t havin’ it and puts Färjestad #12 in a front chokehold because he has a Cheers marathon to get home to and this crap is lasting too long.

– 0:56, Färjestad #12 taps out. Bell rings, referee #6 wins the bout.

– 1:01, Färjestad #12 is scolded for underscoring how the implications of his actions will affect referee #6’s Cheers experience.

– 1:05, Färjestad #12 seems to utter “the f*ck?” when he realizes that no one actually watches Cheers anymore because seriously, it’s not even in syndication, what the hell?

– 1:13, referee #6 has a few more words of encouragement for Färjestad #12. Probably about how Rhea Pearlman is an American treasure or some other related malarkey.