via techland.time.com

Airplane rides are starting to feel a little more comfortable thanks to the recently announced lightening of FAA rules which will allow passengers to use their electronic devices during takeoff and landing. But now, it looks like GOGO is taking it to the next level by creating an app which allows passengers to text during flight. It isn’t as simple as using your iPhone and sending texts the normal way, but it seems like it will work just fine.

According to TIME who had the opportunity to test out the Beta product:

Here’s how it works: iPhone and Android users (sorry, BlackBerry owners) can install an app that, when opened, looks like a typical texting app. The app asks for permission to access the phone’s contacts list, then lets users seamlessly exchange texts with friends and family. Recipients need not know the text sender is airborne, as the texts appear as they normally would; there’s no need for recipients to also download the app, either.

The app uses airplanes’ pre-existing Wi-Fi systems, which Gogo’s Director of PR & Communications Steve Nolan said was a major selling point with air carriers. More than 2,000 commercial aircraft are already equipped with Gogo’s in-flight Internet system.

Currently in beta and dubbed “Gogo Text & Talk,” the service will likely be rebranded as Gogo Text for the voice call-phobic American air carriers

Gogo is hoping to roll out the texting service in early 2014.