I know two things about Brazil; they make really sexy supermodels and they love their soccer, unfortunately this story has nothing to do with beautiful women. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are on tour in Brazil where their drummer Chad Smith made a tragic faux pas. A fan at the rock concert tossed a Flamengo club jersey on stage during Smith’s drum clinic and smartly Smith waved the soccer jersey in the air receiving happy cheers from the crowd. Then he ruined all that goodwill by using the jersey as toilet paper and wiping his ass with it. The disrespectful gesture was quickly met with harsh boos and later he even received death threats from his dumb move.

Smith has since issued a public apology for the sh*tty incident on his Facebook page:

Not to self: When I become a rock star never, ever, ever wipe my ass with a soccer jersey in a country that is even remotely passionate about soccer.