Tim DuncanThe Portland Trailblazers had a 112-105 win over the San Antonio Spurs all wrapped up Saturday night, after a rather meaningless three-point attempt by Tim Duncan bounced off the back of the rim with under ten seconds remaining in the game. However, the game wasn’t entirely over for Blazers forward Nic Batum, who was sitting on the following stat line as the final buzzer approached: 8 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists. Damian Lillard grabbed the rebound off Duncan’s miss and tossed the ball to Batum, who had just enough time for a long three pointer.

Batum took two steps past half court and casually sank the shot, after which Tim Duncan shot an over-the-shoulder “really???” glance of disbelief. Also, you’ll notice (in the video below) Myers Leonard on the Blazers bench briefly raising his arms in celebration, before quickly reconsidering — probably a good idea in light of Batum’s somewhat dubious achievement. In all fairness, though, Batum did have to make the long three to seal the deal, which makes his accomplishment slightly less tacky than, say, Ricky Davis and his legendary pursuit of a triple-double.

After the game, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich told reporters that he had no issues with Batum’s shot or his triple-double, and called him a good kid.