I started online sports betting a year or so ago, and felt like it was time to start letting the public know the trials and tribulations of tossing money (even a very small amount) on sports games. I do it a bit differently though, and you can as well. I signed up for a simple gambling site (sortsbook.com), tossed $100 in my account and then make a few very small micro-bets each day. Mainly I make 2-5 dollar bets on parlays, and I look at the investment as entertainment. If I can keep the $100 going for a few months, I consider it a huge success. I would spend $100 at a nice dinner with a friend in a heartbeat, but this way it sticks around and provides hours of entertainment over an extended period of time. Only rules are that you need to learn something new each day from the previous day’s bets, and that you can’t add any money to the account until at least 30 days has passed from your last deposit.

Each day I will toss up my picks for you, and you can agree or disagree. I will also show what I lost and won the night prior.

[I am out of town for the weekend with no Internet so I dabbled in Sat and Sun as well]