The Pittsburgh Steelers have been naughty boys this season, losing all of their games and getting embarrassed on the field most games. Well bad boys don’t get toys. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has taken away all games from the Steelers locker room until they get “back on track.” That means no pool, no ping pong and no shuffleboard. One veteran player described the new situation, “No more entertainment in the locker room.” I guess Tomlin doesn’t realize that everyone is just going to play Candy Crush on their phones now.

The ban started weeks ago, but it only applied to players with less than four years of experience in a decision described to prevent the young players from “getting comfortable” in the locker room and maybe force them to study their playbook or get treatment, if necessary. Now with a dreadful 0-4 record and Tomlin has taken away everyone’s toys and threatened to put players in timeout until their behavior is improved.