Basically, the Giants suck.  The passion is gone.  And…

Peyton’s little brother. I love him, look at him!  But I’m starting to think, does Eli Manning even like football?  It’s starting to look more and more like he started playing just because Peyton was playing, and some of big brother’s pixy dust was still flying around and rubbed off on the poor kid.

I mean, God forbid the guy has a little fun out there for once.  The team looked alive for the first time all season playing against the Eagles.  0-4, backs to the wall, nothing to lose.  Time to let loose and have some fun, but not this guy, who was probably thinking about what Abby’s cooking for dinner after the game instead of enjoying himself.

Seriously, it’s too easy. And thanks to ESPN, there a just too many pictures of Eli’s miserableness face from one game to handle.  Send him home on vacation for the rest of the season!