Although it’s been a long road back from injury for Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose, he declares he’ll be in attack mode this season. It’s been nearly a year and a half since Rose tore his ACL and many have criticized his lengthy rehabilitation time. However the Bulls All-Star point guard assured everyone that his injury will not stop him from dominating:

I’m a guy where whoever’s on the court I’m going to go at them. If it’s my teammates, it could be my mom on the court, she’s going to get killed. I could care less who [is out there]. For me, I’m just trying to build that mentality where I don’t care who’s out there, I’m going to play the same way. I’m ready. I’m just ready to go out there and play. Every day I’m getting stronger, I haven’t had any setbacks. I’m just looking forward to the day where I step on the court.”

The Bulls have their first pre-season game on Saturday against the Indiana Pacers. No word if Brenda Rose will suit up for the Pacers to see if Derrick will make good on his promise.