Your wedding day, when your nerves are going berserk wondering if everything will go as perfect as planned. However once it’s all over it’s time to just enjoy the beautiful memories, begin your new married life and try to enter your own house that has been barricaded shut with beer, Wait. What?

Belgium newlyweds Sofie Verret and Gerry Dumortier had a delightful wedding, but when they arrived home the morning after their ceremony they were surprised to find that their abode had been renovated. The front of the home had been completely barricaded with hundreds of beer crates. There was so much beer that it took them 20 minutes to even enter their own home. Plus their friends took it upon themselves to make an embarrassing addition, a sign that read, “Shh… Newlyweds. Baby in the making.”


Thinking the best or worst was over, the blissful couple stepped into their backyard to discover 7,500 empty beer bottles arranged in the shape of the newlywed’s initials. This was not only the greatest wedding prank, but it must have also been the most fun prank to take part in as everyone got sloshed doing so.