On Monday night TBS aired the crucial one-game Wild Card tiebreaker between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers in MLB’s Wild Card tiebreaker and while most welcome postseason baseball, others were not so excited. Usually on TBS the night belongs to reruns of The Big Bang Theory because apparently everybody can’t get enough puns about World of Warcraft, endless references to Star Trek and over-sensationalizing laugh tracks. However white people went bonkers on Twitter when their precious old episodes of Big Bang Theory were replaced by a tense one-game play-in game.

We’re talking about The Big Bang Theory reruns here, not Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire or even Seinfeld reruns. Like I can understand wanting to watch the show to see Kaley Cuoco in a tight dress, but that’s what the internet is for, so you can look at the lovely actress whenever your little heart desires. I’m so very confused and disappointed.