For all of you NBA Jam players from back in the day, your hopes and dreams are about to be shattered by Mark Turmell, who created the game for Midway in 1993. In a recent interview Mark gave he let the world know his little dirty secret which has been haunting Bulls fans as they play the game down the stretch. Mark and team wrote a special code which made the Bulls players miss shots at the end of the games… True story.

“If there was a close game and anyone on the Bulls took a last second shot, we wrote special code in the game so that they would average out to be bricks.”

“There was the big competition back in the day between the Pistons and the Bulls, and since I was always a big Pistons fan, that was my opportunity to level the playing field.”

As much as you may hate that Mark did this, you also have to respect his loyalty to the Pistons.