It's safe to say Elias Harris probably won't be wearing one.
It’s safe to say Elias Harris probably won’t be wearing one.

NBA teams, why you do dis? Ugh. I can’t even right now.

The Los Angeles Lakers plan to wear short-sleeved t-shirts jerseys in several games next season. According to a team source, the jerseys will be all white, essentially the same uniform the Lakers wear on Sunday home games, except with – you guessed it – sleeves. Yes, this means that we will see Kobe Bryant throwing down jams in a v-neck shirt on national television.

According to Darren Rovell, five teams plan to incorporate this uniform monstrosity into up to twelve games next season, which is twelve games too many, studies say. Adidas claims that the sleeved jerseys are 26% lighter (and 100% more atrocious) than the current style.

Apparently all ten teams playing on Christmas Day will be wearing the sleeved jerseys. Yup. That’s basically the same thing as getting Crocs for Christmas. Sure they’re comfortable, but you’d rather walk barefoot in the Sahara than let anyone see you wearing them. Sigh.

Professional athletes, especially in the NBA, are noted for their “fashion sense“, so it’ll be interesting to see how the players will weigh in on the issue. For those of you that missed it, the Golden State Warriors became the first team to don sleeves last season and at least 37 people went blind.

This needs to stop.