Skip ahead to the 5:00 mark to see Aniston get baptized — or just watch the whole video, I mean it is Jennifer Aniston.

When football fans from across the pond meet another football fan, their first question is, “Who do you support?” It is a heavy question and the wrong answer can land you in a precariously awkward situation.

Now when someone asks Jennifer Aniston which club she supports, she will say The Mighty ‘ornets of Watford FC.

Aniston — who is making the rounds to promote We’re The Millers — stopped by the Scott Mills Show on Radio 1 and sat down with Chris Stark to talk about the movie and other stuff.

The best part of the interview comes when Stark genuinely pleads with Aniston to join him as a Watford supporter as you can clearly see how much the club means to him.

Aniston happily obliges, joining the likes of Elton John and Mila Kunis as celebrity Watford fans.