As if the real 2011 NBA lockout wasn’t enough, theater group Six Hours Short is putting together a musical to retell the tale.  According to the musical’s website:

The Lockout: A Musical, loosely based on the 2011 NBA lockout, follows Phil Goodman, owner of the fictional Wichita Water, whose search for a franchise superstar ends in Macon Jones, a zero-time all-star who doesn’t play defense. Their budding bromance is tested when they find themselves on opposite sides of a bitter labor dispute. Separated from his new best friend, Phil must fight his Moneyball general manager, Commissioner David Stern, and his own insecurities to save the season and hang out with his buddy Macon….Featuring twelve of the show’s original pop-rock songs, it will be the first must-own basketball album since Space Jam.

While a musical on the lockout is bearable and a “bromance” between player and owner is unique, comparing the soundtrack to Space Jam is a different story.  Regardless, the musical is set to open August 23 and run through September 15 at American Theater Company in Chicago.

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