Yours truly was never much of a numbers guy. In fact, I am so bad at math, that if I was ever caught in one of Jigsaw’s traps in a Saw movie, and the only way to get out was to solve a long division problem, there is zero chance I’d get out alive. Hence, why I write for a “living”.

Keeping that in mind, we have a candidate here for meanest teacher in the world (or the most awesome, depending on whose side you’re on), who confiscated a student’s phone, and returned it with a new passcode — the answer to a story problem. Now, if this happened to me in high school, I would have said “eff it”, and just bought a new phone. Any of our NIS math majors wanna figure this one out? Shit is Greek to me (but at least I know how to spell “dollar” correctly):

A car dealer offers Lachlan a car that is priced at $21,800, but he only has a $600 deposit. Lachlan trade in is actually worth $500. The finance company insists on a 10% deposit for a 22% flat rate deal, so the dealer inflates the prices of both the trade-in and the car purchased What are the inflated prices, and what is the monthly repayment to pay of the car in 4 years?

Monthly payment rounded to the nearest dollor

First number is 0