Grab your phone and put a calendar event in it right now to remind you in a year that today was the day you first heard of “Mr. GO 3D”. “Mr. GO 3D” is a Korean film centering around a young girl and her pet gorilla. Never mind that she enslaves him and is actually seen holding a whip in one quick shot because you quickly forget that when, for whatever reason, she takes him to the ballpark where he is immediately signed by the Doosan Bears to PLAY BASEBALL. Looks like their bad news is over, right? This big fella starts hitting monster home runs and, if I am not mistaken, throwing 245 MPH fastballs.

I honestly have no idea what is going on here but I can safely say that this will change the way we look at cinema and, quite possibly, could be the event of the season. Grab your loved ones and count the minutes until it drops!